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About company

Company structure

C.B.SPED, Inc. is a leading private provider of international transport, freight forwarding and logistics services in land, sea and air transport. We give top priority to consider the complexity and quality of the service-traffic, where the greatest emphasis is on accuracy of operations carried out associated with the highest quality possible transfer of information throughout the shipment of your products. C.B.SPED is at any moment ready to solve your challenges and demands, and respond very quickly to any offer that allows comparison of the standard of our services with the existing system of transport solutions for your company. Become a more successful and more competitive due to our high quality and extensive range of services - together we grow, we develop with.


Tradition of family-concept transport dates back to the 1st Republic, where in the years 1931-1939, our ancestors from the area Ledenice their own vehicle delivered the means of its furniture products (and not only those) throughout Czechoslovakia and Sweden as the superstructure of service to their colleagues and customers. C.B.SPED was founded in early 1997 as a transport and logistics company (originally Ltd.), dealing with logistics, handling, international and domestic freight forwarding and transportation. During its existence, it has built a strong position in the transport market, and is ranked among medium-sized companies; regularly with my performance ranks among the 50 most important logistic companies in the Czech Republic; currently employs an average of 100 employees with 5 offices throughout the Czech Republic and Poland.

Mission and Values

C.B.SPED in its strategic objectives puts the highest priority on the development of the existing level of communication with their partners.

In the years 2022 - 2027 is gradually closer to those 4-development goals:

  • 2500 transport operations / work week
  • 5min. reaction ability of our operators on any request and wishes
  • Implement new logistics centers in the Czech Republic and Poland
  • Closely cooperate with each other and connect with our clients in the context of internal and external logistics