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Aerial and maritime transport

C.B.SPED - Aerial and maritime transport

Maritime transport

Boat transporting realize most full container shipments (FCL), but also cargo shipments (LCL). To ensure our marine transport use a reputable shipowner important that we are able to provide quality service throughout the transport.

We realize in maritime transport:

  • Transportation of general cargo (LCL)
  • Transportation celokontejnerů (FCL)
  • Oversize shipments
  • Transport IMO - Dangerous Goods
  • clearance of shipments, shipment monitoring in the harbor
  • Issuance of certificates according to letters of credit (B / L)
  • Issuing documents IMO
  • Cargo insurance

Aerial transport

C.B.SPED, Inc. implements small shipments through reputable airlines.

We carry within aviation:

  • Pickup or its packaging
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Complete customs procedures
  • Aviation
  • Delivery of goods to the destination - "door to door"
  • Cargo insurance