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Storage and handling

C.B.SPED - Storage and handling

Storage and handling

The complexity of the system: distribution + storage + documentation quality + low cost + quality = logistics of services of our company. The complexity of our offer and services is increasing as a result of customer requests for such solutions, we are trying to adapt their solutions to measure.

Within the storage project we have:

Czech republic

  • Since 1 January 2023, we have been operating an outsourced logistics center in Prostějov at the address Za drahou 2. The center's capacity is 5,000 pallet places, we have the most modern technology, SW facilities and 24/7 service.Contact amazon@cbsped.cz.


  • Till end of 2016 storages with a capacity of 10,000 pallet places
  • 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
  • 05-088 Brochow-Sochaczew

Specification of warehouse space systems offered solutions:

  • storage system is at the highest possible level and fully complies with virtually all of the requirements of our clients like. ADR cooling
  • keeping records of orders and inventories FIFO / LIFO
  • consolidation and packing of goods
  • palletizing and labeling
  • handling and storage of hazardous goods ADR regime
  • infrastructure for goods under controlled temperature
  • delivery of "Just in Time"
  • distribution to the final customer
  • EDI
  • Cross dock