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Storage and handling

C.B.SPED - Storage and handling

Storage and handling

The complexity of the system: distribution + storage + documentation quality + low cost + quality = logistics of services of our company. The complexity of our offer and services is increasing as a result of customer requests for such solutions, we are trying to adapt their solutions to measure.

Within the storage project we have:

Czech republic

  • Till 2013 storage Dobříš with a capacity of 3500 pallet places
  • Till 2015 storage Kralupy n. Vltavou. with a capacity of 2250 pallet places
  • Till 2018 storage Pardubice with a capacity of 2500 pallet places


  • Till end of 2016 storages with a capacity of 10,000 pallet places
  • 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
  • 05-088 Brochow-Sochaczew

Specification of warehouse space systems offered solutions:

  • storage system is at the highest possible level and fully complies with virtually all of the requirements of our clients like. ADR cooling
  • keeping records of orders and inventories FIFO / LIFO
  • consolidation and packing of goods
  • palletizing and labeling
  • handling and storage of hazardous goods ADR regime
  • infrastructure for goods under controlled temperature
  • delivery of "Just in Time"
  • distribution to the final customer
  • EDI
  • Cross dock